East Bound and Wardrobe-less.

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I have lived in Austin for 2 years, Texas for 17+ and the mid to southern states indefinitely.

Although I love the north, and also the Europe, I’ve only ever bought winter items that will last that season. This is obviously because my money was better spent on the hotter months. This method was solid, some might even say sound…. Until I realized that we’ll be moving to a winter wonderland in T-minus 6 months.

Now, I’m scouring to find the best, semi-well-made affordable clothes to get me through the next several winters. So as everyone else is releasing their summer wish list, I will be displaying:

What I need to get me through the next 4 dreadful winters in the north east….list.


These boots from Zappos: Affordably priced at $75 these red kicks are perfect. They’re waterproof, can be worn over or under jeans and they make a statement when the rest of your fashion statement is bundled and hid.


I’ll admit, I’m not that sporty of a person, but I am always envious of the girls that sport the Patagonia and Columbia jackets and coats. Luckily, my sweet father-in-law bought me a fuzzy Columbia fleece. I wear it incessantly from October through March. On my Winter Wonderlist I am adding a heavier version like the one above. Hopefully I can wear it if I go on a run, or at least run down the street for clam chowder.


As I assume I’ll be working in an office in BOS for that reason this jacket has it all. Buttoned or unbuttoned It is stylish while still having some weight to keep you warm. Not to mention it’s from my favorite website right now.

ombre sweater

I’m adoring this ombre sweater from F21. More-so, I love that this outfit could be transitioned easily from office to streets. Add a scarf and rain boots for the commute to work, or add a chunky necklace and some bright lips for after work drinks.


A few more sets of thermal PJ’s. I have some neon green ones, and I’m completely obsessed. In the winter months you have to pry me out of them.


Scarves on scarves on scarves.

winter office jacket

This jacket in camel color would be perfect for office or date, or really anywhere you’re headed. I’d probably have to order XXXL if it’s from an overseas vender.

thick tightscute tight

Cute and (or) wooly tights.

And finally, some odds and ends of other miscellaneous items I love/need. 

PicMonkey Collage.jpgsweatersgraphic-instarsia-sweaters-2

I’m positive I’ll be adding to this list more in the future, I’ll especially need to brainstorm more office attire. But this is the best I could do in one sitting. What do you think? What are your winter must-haves?




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I have a rather large announcement to make.

My moon, my man was accepted….

into Harvard Law School

and this is how excited I am about that. Really freaking excited.

So although we love Austin, and hope to end up here again someday, we’re packing our bags and making our way to a much colder climate.

I can’t wait.

Of course we need about a million dollars (and coats) between now and then, but still. IT’S HAPPENING!

Be thinking of us over the next few months as we prepare, and send some good vibes to the apartments we’re looking at because so far we haven’t found any that will take both our sweet pups. Which reminds me…


aren’t they just the greatest? I’ve decided if they’re able to make it up there with us I’ll start a hash tag on Instagram called #JuneofBoston and will be much more diligent about charting their cuteness throughout the city.

In summary: Yay Boston, Sad leaving Austin, Send good JuJu for the dogs.



Have Dilemma, need advice: The advantages of marrying a boy genius.

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I married extremely young as a mixture of hormones and love, friend circles and family cults encouraged me find love in the most formable of my years. i.e Late teens to early 20’s.


I obliged myself and them by marrying at the ripe young age of 21. Now, I’m a soon to be 24 and although I have no regrets of marrying as a young adult {old child}, I can’t help but feel the stare {glares} every time I mention my age in relation to when I got married. I’d like to say it’s all bliss no work, but those bliss filled days are the ones we live for while we work- towards a house, better careers, a lucrative future, and someday perhaps adoptions of beautiful beautiful babies.

Around a year ago this time my sweet, wonderful husby began studying for his law school admission test or LSAT. The LSAT is known for being taxing, and the study process alone can consume your entire life, which is exactly what started to happen. We were barely adult babies, newly married, not to mention overwhelmed with the LSAT- our marriage began to suffer. There is no logical reason we came out alive, or happy, but we did. Husby was all logic in explaining that every hour he spent in the other room was going to pay off. Literally, schools will pay you if you’re smart enough. So, I parted with my dearly beloved for months that seemed to never end, but like all seasons they did. Whether the results be good or bad that retched time was over.

I’ve decided to provide visuals as I’m going off topic for this posting and need something pretty different to look at. The LSAT score percentages are below:

As you can see, most of the people who study an average amount (3 months, at least 3 hours a day, 5-6 days a week) still end up hitting around 150. 14% of lucky studiers make it up to that 160-166 mark, and the genius’ of the world make up those last two little orange pieces to the right. That’s where he landed.

Before I got married, I was taunted by a fear that I would be limiting my options to move about freely, and live in a vast array of places. Strangely, committing has only opened me up to endless and grand adventures with the one I love.


Hubs was graciously accepted into some lovely schools soon after his applications were submitted. Some gave him full rides, while several others offered enticing 1/2-2/3 scholarships, but with every acceptance, and every offer we feel the paralyzing pressure of making a decision between good and also good places. We are so very grateful for these opportunities, and we’ve started this silly little routine called, “Have Dilemma, Need Advice” as a way of PRO/CON-ing our decision process. As we’re in a state of perpetual transition our conversations have become much more to the point, and we find peace of mind only in mind blowingly good brunches, TV marathons, and hours and hours of playing pool.

Image       Image

So here’s the end of the beginning, the question that will be debated until we’re sick. Where would you go if you had the opportunity? What life are you ready for? City? Country? Family? Fun?

Have Dilemma, Need Advice.

New York, Boston, Houston, Austin, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, or DC?