Let’s hear it for all dem’ Baby Mamas!



I apologize for being so completely gone.



But hush already, I’m packing and getting ready to move 1,963.86 miles away AND I’m somehow going on vacation this week, so there.

But you’re not here for that. You’re here for fashion non-sense. So let’s get down to business.


We all have one. Chances are some of you are one, some of you hope to be one, or some of you are dating/married to one. If there is one thing that is pretty universal: the mom style.

“Oh, that’s a mom haircut” you might say, or, “Ew, look at those mom jeans!!”

Although I am not a mother, I do have one, and I also have two mom sisters, and since I was around them recently I’ll try and communicate what I see new moms and old moms alike needing.

1) A good pair of “go” shoes..

When it comes to on the go, these high profile moms have one thing in common: Bensimon. Bensimon is a european shoe company that is the equivalent of USA’s Converse. The soft canvas material is so extremely comfortable and the rubber soles make them fantastic for chasing after your littles. It is an added bonus that you can wear them with really anything. As seen above Liv Tyler sports them with a skirt!

2) Longer Shirts (Tunics)

Two things I hear mom’s complaining about: A) Longer shirts are too low cut causing them to have accidental boob flashes when their babies try and stabilized themselves B) Regular shirts aren’t long enough for all the times they bend over during the day to pick up their little ones, or at least pick up after their little ones.

3) Updated High-Waisted Jeans

High Waisted Good Fitting Jeans: Moms have been through something. Bodily assault. A tiny human is catapulted from the innards of a woman’s lower region. Sometimes this can cause what the public has so politely named “problem areas.” The main area being the belly and hip area. As previously noted, you will be bending down several million times per day. The updated high-waisted jeans will see that you can bend over with ease knowing your tummy will be tucked and your crack hidden. The ones above are from Madewell, I love Madewell because they will do in-house tailoring, which is a total must for adjusting to your new body. Mom’s rarely spend the money they need to on good fitting jeans because they don’t want to spend money on clothes when they’re planning on loosing the weight. Well, all I can say is when you feel good in the jeans, you want to make steps to feel good everywhere. You have to have clothes that you love for every stage of your transitioning body. And chances are your beloved favorite pair of pre-pregnancy jeans won’t fit like they used to.

4) Trendy Parachute Pants

Luckily, these pants have been EVERYWHERE this year. You can get them in the above fashion or with the synched ankles. These are the ultimate cool mom pants. European mom, if you will. They are high enough to cover problem area, but fitted enough to add some shape. Post pregnancy is hard. Like I said above, your body is in a constant state of change. A easy solution is to buy a bunch of these pants until you’re down to an ideal size and then splurge on nice new Madewell tailor jeans. Whatever you choose, you will be fabulous because you made a human, and no one can take that from you.

5) A purse that could double as a diaper bag

I love a good purse. I hate every diaper bag ever. (Dramatic)

A purse that’s a diaper bag? Brilliant. This waxed leather tote from Etsy blew my mind. Something that you can throw your wallet into as well as plastic keys, bottles, dinosaurs, random shoes, snacks and more? Yes, yes, and yes.

6) An easy make up routine

I love this beauty blog. The above photo is from her minute beauty routine. My recommendation? Find your brands, be loyal to the things you know work, if you don’t know what you like then go to Ulta or Sephora and have them guide you through what will work best for you. If the day has gotten away from you, no worries! Set an alarm for 10 minutes before your significant other gets home and throw on some lipstick and maybe some mascara. A good shade goes a long way, and it’s something they will appreciate.

Have I missed anything? What are your mommy must haves?



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