The Summer Skinny

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Hello friends.

How was your weekend?

As someone who is married to a college student, I feel like I get to fully indulge in the upcoming week that is spring break.

Thank the sweet heavens.

This time last year I believe I wasted money and time by seeing Spring Break, the movie.

This year, I will be smarter, I will read more, and I will see something truly entertaining, like The Veronica Mars Movie.

Now, for the true point of my blog: The big ol’ “D” word.


Hate it. Never been good at it. There was this magical time in my life when I was vegan for about 2 years, but then I stopped, and haven’t been able to get a grip since.

I was like an addict coming back to the needle for the first time, except my needle is cheese, and my heroin steak.

“I’ll be better this week” I swore to myself time and time again, but the conviction came when I realized there had been a 20 pound increase since I said, “I Do”.

Now notably, most everyone looks back at their wedding photos with a desire for their thinner self, but I thought I was above it. I thought I was invincible with my vegan powers and determination to be the woman my Husby married. Surprisingly, most, if not all the weight was stacked on in my veganism. Being vegan did wonders for a very long time, and then just as suddenly as the weight came off it began to slowly stack back on.


Total Transparency, that’s what y’all are getting right now. The two photos above are the transformation from May 2012 to July 2013. (I am pictured far right on both) And although there was no photo’d bikini body from the earlier photo, you get the picture.

I do not use these photos to shame or to motivate myself because I love my body to much to think such harmful, gateway thoughts. What it did was provide a clear depiction of how much I wasn’t paying attention to the needs of my body.

During this time I was eating out every weekday at least once and every weekend for every meal. The excuses would be broad if I started to list them. “I’M in school”, “I’m too stressed to think about tomorrow’s lunch”, “I’m tired of only eating salads”, are a few that I used more frequently than not.

Despite the reality check I got in seeing the above photos, I was mortified at the thought of starting yet something else new in the midst of school and work, and Husby’s schedule. So I decided to wait until August, and then the Hubs said he would jump on board if I just waited until January.

So I waited, and let the decision be up to him when I would treat myself better and with more respect. How very silly, I soon realized. If I was going to get fit I was going to do it because I wanted longevity, energy, and a bit more self respect. I knew from previous experiences how much I was going to hate the first few weeks back at the gym. What I didn’t consider was how much more I would hate it with 20 extra pounds. I groaned and I moaned, but I started to reap the benefits. I’ve got a ways to go. It’s still really hard for me to give up that night wine, or cheese plate, but I know my body. I know what it needs and I know that what I have done in the past (the eat anything, drink anything you want lifestyle) was slowly poisoning my mind, body and soul.

A few weeks ago I came up with an brilliant plan. The 5 stickers to surprise method.


This is the calendar I put together for my sticker challenge. Feel free to print and share. I’ll get the sources of the quotes for anyone interested.

Alright, fine, my mom came up with a version of this plan to keep her kindergardener’s motivated throughout the year.

One week- five stickers. That’s my goal. If I work out and behave in my eating for 5 days in one week, then I get a surprise of my (semi) choosing. I gave a list to my Hubs of appropriate surprises and he monitors the calendar on the reg encouraging me and making grand promises of what will come. This past week I made it 4 stickers before I had a little fall on a high beam and ruined one of my tiny toes.


This week though, this is the week I get my 5 little pink stars. Toe or shine. Planet Fitness here I come.

Be encouraged friends. Take note of what your body needs. Not everyone needs to be that size two, but everyone needs to be rounded, balanced and conscious of what’s happening below the neck. (or around the neck area if you gain weight like me)


Some interesting reads on health, diet, and healthy mindsets:

Kate, an acquaintance of mine from Small Steps Upward has a blog that is a wonderful resource for those recovering from anorexia.

Another acquaintance, Amanda is a fantastic writer over on the blog SKINNY FAT

A good recipe blog for vegans, and non-vegans/paleos.

A hilarious video that I think about when on the elliptical.


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