ATX, BOS, Moving

I have a rather large announcement to make.

My moon, my man was accepted….

into Harvard Law School

and this is how excited I am about that. Really freaking excited.

So although we love Austin, and hope to end up here again someday, we’re packing our bags and making our way to a much colder climate.

I can’t wait.

Of course we need about a million dollars (and coats) between now and then, but still. IT’S HAPPENING!

Be thinking of us over the next few months as we prepare, and send some good vibes to the apartments we’re looking at because so far we haven’t found any that will take both our sweet pups. Which reminds me…


aren’t they just the greatest? I’ve decided if they’re able to make it up there with us I’ll start a hash tag on Instagram called #JuneofBoston and will be much more diligent about charting their cuteness throughout the city.

In summary: Yay Boston, Sad leaving Austin, Send good JuJu for the dogs.




5 thoughts on “AUS>BOS

  1. Macy!!! How exciting for you both! I’m very excited for you and will be praying God’s perfect will for each detail. Way to go Josh!!!!

  2. Found your blog through copromote. I happen to be a fellow Austinite (though now a San Franciscan). Your dogs are ADORABLE. Good luck in Boston, I love it there. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! We are very excited and also extremely nervous we won’t find a place for our pups! I adore San Francisco. Thanks for dropping a comment, and for finding me!

  3. Hi Macy!

    I’m Casper – a student at the Kennedy School. One of my best friends in Germany would LOVE to get a ‘Harvard Wife’ t-shirt as a joke, and I’m desperately trying to find one. Can I ask where you found yours? Thank you! Please do let me know if you can – caspertk[at]

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