Ze Lady Oscars

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You thought I forgot, right?

Nope, I just went on a “yes” rampage and over committed myself this week.

As promised the Oscar nominees are as follows:

Lupita Nyong’o for stealing the show. From her humbling speech, to her darling charm, Lupita had me mesmerized the whole night.

Cate Blanchett for being a neutral/natural beauty. Cate is never at the front of the tabloids for her fashion. She has remained a nameless face for a few decades, but it’s not for lack of talent, or beauty. She possesses both in a profound way. FINALLY she was noticed at this awards show. Brava, Cate for not plastering on makeup, and also for picking the simplest of colors and making it ravishing.

Drew Barrymore (even though this is from the Golden Globes) for being the best preg on the red carpet these days. Every year I cringe to see what pregnant celebs will shove themselves into. They typically do one of two things: way over think it with bold fabrics and sharp lines, or they opt for the spandexy apparel. I admire how candid she is in her pregnancy cravings, it’s rare you find a celeb gushing about their cravings without the media bashing the next day.

Kate Hudson for the plunge. Kate has this trademark on lockdown since she wore that plunging back-line dress in How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days.            Which you should rent again right now.

Emma Watson for best coming of age. I don’t know that I’ve ever been this excited to watch someone come of age. Let’s face it, for most people in her position, they would’ve peaked in the teen series, and then been in rehab a year later. It has been so much fun to watch Emma gracefully transition into more mature roles and even funner is to watch her mature into her own style. She has the “it” factor in a way that doesn’t get overshadowed from roles past.

Sandra Bullock for clean lines. I admire both Lupida and Sandra for their ability to pick a dress with such beautifully shaped clean lines. Here sandra is seen in one of the most form flattering dresses of the night. Hugs in just the right places, and then A-lines out with just the right amount of train. The shape is A++, but then to have it in that color is just flawless. I love everything about this dress.

Here are some good runner up from that night that didn’t quite make my list. It may, or may not have anything to do with how much I like/dislike them as a person:

xoxo and happy Thursday.


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