Ze Oscars

Men's Fashion

Who watched the Oscars last night?

Although I did not live stream since I’ve yet to adopt the bunny ears needed to provide basic cable, I was watching everything I could via the internet.

As far as fashion goes, I was a little obsessed with what I saw.

In my opinion, the men below got some awards too:

Jared Leto for Best Combo. Men + Ombre= me gushing. The Black with the white, and the pop of his red bow tie had me doing double takes all night. Also looks as though he’s saying, “Right back atcha…” which is fun.

Bradley Cooper for keeping it classy. I felt like I didn’t know how a tux was supposed to look until I saw it on him. The suit was perfection although his boyish grin could have something to do with my bias.

Michael Strahan for Best Original Outfit. Who knew that we would see burgundy on the carpet? And who the hedoublehockeysticks knew it could look this good? Bravo Michael, I will be glued to you and Kelly this morning to see all the hungover movie starz.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt for stealing my heart. (Again) One word, nine letters: D-R-E-A-M-B-O-A-T.

Bill Murray for being so dang cute. Was I the only one who realized how old he is getting? After flipping though several more photos I became obsessed with finding the material from his suit, perhaps a silk taffeta?! Whatever it is, he looked dashing.

Brad Pitt for looking the most like an actor from the 50’s. I admire Pitt’s fashion. Always have, always will. Other things I admire about Mr. Pitt? His ability to wow women from ages birth to death. Always a fun day when you and your mother swoon over the same fella.


Kevin Spacey for best bold new look. Not only am I obsessed with Kevin Spacey’s spread of talent, I am floored with his confidence in pulling off any and every suit he wears, even if it’s the most untraditional of colors. This steely cobalt suit stole the red carpet last night. As for Kevin Spacey? He’s stolen countless hours of sleep and my desire to be the wife of a politician. (PS- Here’s a fun cocktail and drinking game for House of Cards)

More on women’s fashion coming soon, as for now I’m off to the gym!



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