Sisters make the best friends.


Yesterday was my sister’s 30th birthday.

One of the two that I have.

She has inspired me, taught me, and encouraged me. 

I owe most of who I am to the two that came before me, and after reading a buzzfeed about why sisters make the best friends I decided to make my own Ode to the Burum Sisters list. 



1) Sistory. The good, the bad, and the ugly tween years– They remember you. They may have mangled your hair in a round brush that resulted in a bad cut and the nickname “Mushroom Head” but boy did they shine beside you while you did joint tap, tumbling, and attempted to wear acid wash denim on denim. Now, 20 something years later, while having coffee with them I’ll flash through our sistory and marvel at all we’ve been through and accomplished. The feeling is incomparable to the love I have experienced with my husband. There is a camaraderie, there is experiences, there is sistory.


2) They got your back. There have been countless opportunities to trash the ones we occupy our time with, but our sisters? They’re off limits. I see the surprise in people’s faces when I deliberately choose to not go down that path with them, it is again, that camaraderie I have felt since birth to love and protect the ones that love and protect me. Furthermore, they can do no wrong in my eyes, and if I think something they’ve done is off, you will find me dead in a grave before you find me admitting any fault in them.

In summary: You trash my sister, I trash your face. 



3) They’re the funnest people to have adventures with. When traveling it is easy to get your personal space trampled on and feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of making the other person enjoy the activities as much as you do. This is not the case with sisters. You can tell them to shut up and no matter what you’re in the middle of, they get it, and love you for it.



4) They laugh with you at inappropriate times. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve almost been kicked out of funerals and church services because of our inability to keep it together. No, we’re not insensitive, it’s the opposite in fact. We are so sensitive to the things that make each other laugh that we can spot a flinch of the eye, and in a second we’re rolled over uncontrollably for minutes at a time. Breathing is futile in times like those, and really, who needs to breath? If we die, we’ll just laugh together in heaven about how funny that was.



5) They’re (mostlyalways happy to see you. There are few scenarios in life (other than owning a dog) where you feel completely appreciated as a human being. Seeing your sister after time apart is one of the highest highs I’ve been on. Sure there’s the squealing and squeezing, but after a few giddy moments they jump right in and ask you the real questions with magical intuition like, “I know you said you we’re doing alright in regards to ________, but tell me what’s really happening”.

Which leads me to my final point….



6) Sisters make the best friends because they just get itSeveral times throughout the week, me and my sisters will send these obnoxious things called “Voxers” to one another. They’re basically glorified walkie talkie messages. During these conversations, we’re constantly being cut off by a terrifying 3 year old dinosaur/wolf, horrible drivers, or *whispers* husbands looking asking you the location (yet again) of their shoes. In these moments I get to hear the daily excitement of their lives, and although I love the content being spoken by these wonder women, I am more in awe of the background noise and how our relationship has transformed. It’s a beautiful time right now where my reality is in equal standing to the memories of the three little Burum girls we used to be. 


Happy Happy birthday, my Meg. I love you all the more. 


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