A box is a box, is a box.

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Hello darlings…

Do you have any hobbies?

When I was a baby tween and lived in the midwest I rode horses.


But now, I am far away from the friends (and animal friends) I’ve made in my travels, and my absolute favorite old/new hobby is to send packages. My sweet, long-time friend Sawyer (Insta: psh_itssawyer) inspired me to begin again after I dropped writing friends altogether after high school.

The boxes I typically send can contain absolutely anything: antique treasures, books I’ve loved recently, a design project I’ve been needing help with, but most always there is chocolate involved, and sometimes a little something for the mister or the dogs.

What goes into making those boxes is magic, attention to detail, and stripped strings.


I honestly can’t think of a better way to connect with the ones I love, and the ones I’ve been wanting to get to know better. Writing in any form is a lost trend, and I want to be part of the few to revive the beauty of penmanship, and creativity through putting together boxes and letters. While I was off this grid this weekend in Kansasland I picked up some Target treasure that I can’t wait to incorporate.

On my box list this week is Kortnee who writes a darling little blog you should seriously consider following.

Hope your weekend was lovely, here’s some links to my favorite things lately:

A life saver for if you get a zit before a big occasion.

A wallet worth saving for.

The best kept clothing website for business clothing.

Can’t stop reading about how to move cross-country.

Russia does have a sense of humor.



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