The Baggy/Skinny Combo

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Hello lovelies,

How was your V-day?

I, of course, roped the hubs to come along and help me with a fashion show I was working, (More on this soon) and since we’re attempting to save money (for our move to somewhere yet known) we said no gifts. Which really just means I go out immediately and buy him something. This year he knew what was happening, so he rushed to the store to surprise me with the most meaningful cliche gifts ever. Seriously. I really do love flowers, and chocolates, and steak dinners. All of which he did for me.

Anyways, onto fashion. and things relative to the blog at hand.

For starters, I would never say I was fashion forward. In fact I believe the total opposite is true. Despite living abroad and experiencing the Fashion du Monde of Parisian culture I am flailing to keep up with the trends. The only method I know tried and true is the following:

the baggy/skinny combo.

Rule #1: If you wear baggy pants, wear a skinny top.


Rule #2: If you wear a baggy top, wear form fitted pants.

That’s it.

Now, before you go all crazy explaining to me the zillion of other fashion rules let me tell you one thing: This is the only fashion combo I have found to look good on all types of women. Hands down. I myself have dabbled on the heavier side a time or five and I can say that I always felt attractive following this code.

Other things I think are important are as follows:

It doesn’t have to be skin tight to be skinny– Just a good cut for your body. It’s fine if you troll the racks of TJ Maxx, just make sure the clothes you are buying fit you. If you find something is almost there, go ahead and buy it (like you would anyway) but take it to a tailor. It’s much cheaper than expected and when the spring cleaning fever hits you, you’ll think twice to throw out any clothes if they are customized to your body structure, and are classic pieces.

Baggy/Baggy I appreciate If you can see the waist.

 (I feel like you need to be sizably small to do the baggy/baggy. I’m always a bit jealous of these body types since I secretly think they’re wearing baggy clothes to be ironic, like “ohhhh look at all this space I could be taking up but I’m not because I’m a thin mint”) Speaking of which, I might need to stop buying thin mints.

Be smart about your accessories. Don’t overdo it just because you can.

When sporting a fabulous outfit with stimulating textures or designs, simplicity and subtleness in accessories goes a long way

That’s all for today–
xoxo MM


5 thoughts on “The Baggy/Skinny Combo

  1. Haha your advice is all very true!
    And yes, think mints are quite addicting… :S

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