Favorite things. Part 1.

Hair, Health, Life, Women's Fashion

I’m not sure if many of you are familiar with the Oprah’s Favorite Things episodes, but you probably should be. The boisterous woman enthusiastically surprises the audience by gifting to them all of her favorite things. Literally.. all off them. She’s probably most known for giving away new 2010 Pontiac G6’s…. to the whole audience. While I’m sadly not able to send everyone I love cars, I can most definitely offer a cheap version of happiness by giving a list that I like to call “Macy’s Most Wanted.” These are the items I might die without.. or die because I don’t have them yet.

1) Batiste Dry Shampoo:: The highly trending pixies of our day would be NO WHERE without this product. It had saved me from greasy hair madness. On top of keeping me sane, it adds texture and volume, and is perfect for the days I wake up feeling like the furthest thing from P Diddy.

2) Nerium AD:: I know, I know. This looks like another one of those things… Well it works. Believe me. I don’t tell people these things lightly. It is the biggest splurge I’ve made on my face (A whopping $80), and I’m not even a little bit disappointed. You cleanse as normal at night and then apply a thin coat of this. You skin has never felt more soft in your entire life. Since using it I get carded, which is awesome, and after just 2 weeks I am blemish free, pore free, and my freckles are disappearing. That part is a little bitter sweet, but still if it does freckles it’ll do age spots.

3) Essie Mademoiselle Polish:: I suck at painting my nails, and truth be told after about a day I’m over it. They start chipping and looking shotty, so my favorite trick is to get a good pale pink nude color. By picking the nudes I get the thrill of doing something girly without the commitment of having to take it off when it starts chipping.

4) Biotin:: As a recovering Pixie all I can dream about is my long luscious locks. I stare at long haired girls just a little too long hoping my head will be encouraged to follow suit. Around 5 years ago I was recovering from a similar hair chopping situation, and within a year my hair had grown from chin to just past my collar bone. I accredit it all to this vitamin. Trader Joe’s is my new favorite brand. Most all are Vegan, and even though it’s a higher potency that others (5,000mg) it never causes me to feel sick.

5) Crest 3D White:: Let me preface with saying that I drink a lot of coffee. Like way more than a person my age should. On a good day I drink 3-5 cups, on a bad day I don’t get out of bed. That being what it is, I haven’t always had the most pearly whites. I wouldn’t say I have meth teeth either, just somewhere in the egg shell inbetween where people don’t notice my smile either way. At least they didn’t until I started using this. Since then (when used regularly) I get compliments, and not from pass-er-by-ers either. From real life family members, who are always truthful, often adding that I should probably brush my hair or wash my face.

Overall this is just a flesh wound compared to the full product list I plan on unleashing. This is the neck up hit list, except for the nails bit which was still completely necessary. Tune in soon for the torso goods.


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